Take thefollowing steps and tips to select the right chimney system for your woodstove:

1. Read the installation instruction of thestove to find out requirements on the class of chimney. EcoVent Class A chimneysystem works wherever DuraTech, Selkirk Metabestos or Shasta are among thelisting brands.

2. Determine the inner diameter and type ofinstallation of your chimney system.

There are 3 types of installation in general:cathedral ceiling, multi-floor and through-the-wall installation.

3. Determine the overall height of the chimneysystem.

The National Fire Protection AssociationStandard #221 states “chimneys shall extend at least three feet above thehighest point where it passes through the roof of a building, and at least twofeet higher than any portion of a building within ten feet.”

Due to the overlap of the joints, subtract1-1/8 inches from each chimney section’s height to calculate the height.

EcoVent Class A chimney sections are availablein 48”, 36”, 24”, 18”, 12”, 9” and 6” lengths.

4. Calculate the roof pitch if the chimney isto penetrate a ceiling.

5. Determine if an offset is required to avoidobstructions during installation. Use elbows when there is an offset.

6. Select a stove pipe. We don’t provide blackstove pipes. You can buy a stove pipe elsewhere. It will fit as long as thediameter is the same with that of the chimney pipe. For example, DuraBlack willbe compatible.

7. Visitwww.ecoventusa.com/kits-double-wall-class-a.html andwww.ecoventusa.com/components.html to shop the kit and components you need foryour chimney system.

8. If you have a problem determining what youneed for your chimney system, feel free to leave an online message, send anemail to info@ecoventusa.com or call 573-321-3559. Don’t worry if your call ismissed. Leave a voice message and we will call back you shortly.